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Augmented Reality

By now you have all probable heard of Augmented Reality. Seen the funky 3d games on game console like the 3DS etc. And like me have probably thought, "wow, but so what".

So in the real world how will Augmented Reality actually benefit your business or product.

First off let me give you a run down on what AR (Augmented Reality) is and how it works.

AR simply put takes a real life image, building, photo etc and overlays a digital medium. Using an app on your phone or tablet you "scan" a recognisable image (that has an AR file associated with it) and an overlay appears over the scanned object. In most examples we have seen it is generally a 3d game or a shopping tool that allows users to see themselves wearing glasses etc. All great usages but doesn't help the average business much.

From an information services standpoint it has great potential to provide realtime information to users.

You might be waiting for a tram to arrive (which isn't on time) you use your AR app and scan the station you are at or the name of the station and a overlay appears telling you there is a major fault and delays are expected.

ar tram

The greatest benefit for AR is to bridge the gab between the printed medium and the digital medium.

Say for example your organisation or government department produces a printed newsletter/article, poster etc but you also produce a video interview that is an extension of that article.

ar video

As a user I read the article and I notice the main photo has a small symbol telling me it has AR content associated with it.

I scan the image and all of a sudden the image comes alive on my phone/ tablet and starts to play a video. (just think of the newspapers in Harry potter).

Or you run an ad in a newspaper or magazine promoting your product. The user "Scans" your ad and then shows a secret code to enter a competition, or a link appears to go to your website or … you get the idea.

The print-to-digital concept has been around for quite a while with QR codes leading the charge. But instead of having a big bar code wasting your ad space the image itself becomes the trigger.

For the education market Augmented Reality extends the learning process. Students can now interact with things that they are learning about in so many more ways.

A class might be learning about "Transport" and produce a display as part of that project. Which with the help of AR people looking at theta display can now scan images to see a students video on the subject.

Imagine your next visit to the local art gallery. You find yourself enthralled by a particular piece. You grab your smart phone and scan the painting and within moments an overlay appears showing you the history of the artist, the painting and much more.


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